Firebrand with Rep Matt Gaetz, Biden’s Military Purge

Twitter @RepMattGaetz, Apr 28, 2022

Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) alleges that the military is using the vaccine mandate to purge the military of those with independent thought and the religious faithful.  He interviews three active duty service members that are caught up in the in the debacle.  They tell their stories about how the mandates have affected their ability to serve and what they now think about military service.  After the introduction, there is an initial discussion about illegal entry across the southern border with the Secretary of Homeland Security.  The interview with the two active duty Airmen and an Army doctor who was suspended from medical duties for granting medical exemptions from the vaccine, starts at around 13:50.

One service member points out that from a readiness perspective, the vaccine mandate is far worse than the impact of COVID itself – 95 service members have died from COVID, while over 3200 have been discharged for not taking the vaccine, with many more cases pending.  Additionally, how many service members have died from the side effects of the vaccines – this information is not being investigated let alone disclosed.  An AF captain describes an incident where a security forces airman was encouraged by her chain of command not to appeal the denial of her religious exemption request, but instead apply for voluntary separation.  They told her that if she did so, she would likely get an honorable discharge.  Then, those same command individuals denied her request for voluntarily separation, subjected her to numerous adverse actions, including an Article 15 which she signed under threat of jail time.  Ultimately she was discharged under a general discharge with a misconduct characterization.  Her “crime?” – not getting the COVID vaccine.  Several other injustices are discussed.  All three service members believe there is a purge of religious service members going on.

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Americans Want Merit-Based Admissions

Poll Respondents Say Academic Achievement Matters More Than Race
By The Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal, April 28, 2022

Progressives and the far left are loud about their radical opinions, but the loudest voices do not necessarily represent the beliefs of the majority of Americans.  The results of a new Pew Research Center poll show what factor respondents believe should weigh the greatest when it comes to admission to academic institutions – academic accomplishment!  In fact 75 percent said race and ethnicity should not be factors.  Clearly, Americans want equality of opportunity, not government-imposed “equity” of results.

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Episode 9 – The Intellectuals – Interview With Author Rebecca Friedrichs

Rebecca Friedrichs was a public school teacher for 28-years. She was forced to pay dues to unions with radical policies that actually degraded her profession, our schools and our national character.  She filed a lawsuit against the California Teachers Association seeking to free teachers from forced union membership and mandatory dues.  The case went before the supreme court in 2016.  Although not decided due to Justice Scalia’s untimely death, the case blazed the trail for later cases that ended forced unionism for teachers and government employees.  Rebecca wrote Standing Up To Goliath, is a Prager University host, and foundered For Kids and Country, a national movement of teachers and citizens uniting to restore our schools and culture.

In the interview Ron and and Rebecca discuss examples from her book that illustrate the well-planned communist infiltration of our schools.  Rebecca describes how the far left controls the unions, the unions control and intimidate teachers and administrators, and teachers are forced to indoctrinate students who then take their well seated liberal ideas out into society.  The discussion continues to describe how unions use fear tactics and intimidation to force teachers to support them and comply with their ideological agenda, including sexualizing children at extremely early ages and instilling the marxist tenets of critical race theory.  Rebecca points out an interesting statistic that the majority of teachers lean toward conservative ideals, so the radical leftist union agenda does not actually represent the values and thoughts of most teachers.  Near the end they discuss how critical theorists exploit minority populations to divide and conquer a society.  How can STARRS supporters help – go to the For Kids and Country website, learn how to act locally, and consider adopting a teacher!

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Help Academy Cadets Defend Themselves!

Save Our Cadets and Midshipmen!

Right now, at least 16 cadets are in danger of being kicked out of West Point because they have refused to be vaccinated due to their religious beliefs! The same number of Air Force Academy cadets have already had their religious exemption requests and appeals denied and have been told to either get vaccinated, resign or be expelled within days. A lawsuit is pending and additional lawsuits may be filed on their behalves to defer or delay this action.

Naval Academy midshipmen who filed for religious exemptions appear currently “protected” from expulsion by a court ruling in a lawsuit involving Navy SEALS; however, DOD has taken action to limit deployments, and continued litigation is probable.

The rules for vaccinations are different for each branch of service. Lawsuits were filed against the Navy and Air Force, but nothing has yet been filed for the Army/West Point Cadets. That needs to be done immediately, or West Point Cadets may very well face expulsion.

Money is needed to support these potential lawsuits and our cadets and midshipmen! STARRS (Stand together Against Racism and Radicalization in the Services, Inc.) is mounting an effort to legally support these cadets and midshipmen, and other military members. 

We need your help!

These young cadets, midshipmen and other military members are the future leaders of tomorrow who are demonstrating amazing courage and character. Now they need our help!

Let’s assist them to continue their education and training and keep them in the service of our country!!!

Please show your support by going to www.STARRS.US and clicking the donate (litigationsupport) button. Funds can be earmarked for litigation purposes.



The Military’s Radical Imposition of Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations

By Scott Sturman, MD, USAFA ‘72
Rod Bishop, Lt Gen, USAF (Ret), STARRS President & BOD Chairman
Sen (Ret) Mike Rose, Maj, USAFR (Ret), STARRS VP of Legal

Medical doctor and STARRS member Scott Sturman teamed up with our President and Vice-President of Legal to conduct a study of shocking medical and legal facts that are being ignored about the dangers and effectiveness of the vaccines and the mandates. Their analysis concludes that the risks of the COVID vaccines outweigh the benefits for military members, the primacy of protective natural immunity is being disregarded, the legality of the mandates and the accuracy of the data supporting them are credibly disputed, and the recipients’ basic human rights are being ignored. Therefore, compulsory administration programs which ignore the emergency use authorization’s informed consent rules, with career ending consequences for non-compliance, are radical, in our opinion.

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Lt Gen Rod Bishop Talks With Frank Gaffney About the Woke Culture Within the Service Academies

In this two part interview, Lt Gen Rod Bishop, STARRS Board President and CEO, sat down with Frank Gaffney, Center For Security Policy, for an interview on Securing America on 24 Mar 2022. The discussion provides a great summary of the issues that STARRS is dedicated to resolving in order to ensure the US military maintains its historical status of excellence, honor, integrity, unity, and progress through merit, all of which affect military effectiveness. Specific topics discussed include Critical Race Theory, support for Black Lives Matter (a Marxist organization) and how the military’s radical vaccine policy is hurting readiness. The DoD has denied the vast majority of vaccine exceptions including requests based on natural immunity and sincerely held religious beliefs. Recently they started discharging military members with years, or even decades, of experience and countless dollars worth of training for refusing to take the vaccines after their appeals have been denied, even though the vaccine does not prevent infection from, nor transmission of, newer COVID variants, nor does it prevent serious illness. They discuss how all these activities seem to discriminate against white males and may even be a way to purge the military of white conservatives who love our country and it’s Constitution – Strong Patriots!

Part 1: Rod Bishop talks about the Woke Culture within the service academies
Part 2: Rod Bishop talks about the US Military’s vaccine mandate policy