Book Club

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Consider how God “shed his grace” on the birth of our nation! Featuring inspiring accounts from America’s Revolutionary War, this unique devotional highlights the lives of patriots who looked heavenward during the time of conflict. Through Revolution-era letters, diaries, and sermons, plus a Scripture verse and brief prayer, each day’s selection explores a timeless theme such as loneliness, contentment, fear, and God’s will.
The United States Constitution is like a new musical composition that contains familiar notes and chords but nonetheless strikes the ear as highly original and fresh. Rather than a new creation, however, our Constitution is an amalgam of ideas and traditions that date back to the ancients.


A well known futurist  or geopolitical forecaster that was released in 2020.  It is focused on the overlapping or converging of two ~80-year cycles for the first time in US history (economic and institutional) creating the perfect storm for approximately the next 8 years.

Acknowledging the inability to ever change a liberal’s mind that is mired in group-think, the book goes through and gives justification for why that group think is in error with constitutional underpinnings.