STARRS’ Authors

The Black Community Has a Decision To Make

Ken Battle, CMSgt, USAFR (Ret), STARRS Board of Directors

Cadets On Verge of Expulsion After Religious Exemption Appeals Were Denied; STARRS Is Helping

Ukraine’s War Highlights Again That Men And Women Are Different, And We Need Them That Way

The Military’s Abusive Imposition of Mandatory Covid Vaccinations

By Scott Sturman

How ‘Social Justice’ is Killing the Military

By Brent Ramsey and Michael D. Pefley

Yet Another Scandal at West Point?
You Be the Judge (Part 3)

By William F. Prince, COL USA (Ret.), USMA ‘70

The Military’s Radical Imposition of Mandatory
COVID-19 Vaccinations

By Scott Sturman, MD, USAFA ‘72
Rod Bishop, Lt Gen, USAF (Ret), STARRS President & BOD Chairman
Sen (Ret) Mike Rose, Maj, USAFR (Ret), STARRS VP of Legal

Why the Bill of Rights is the Opposite of Radicalism

By Jane Hampton Cook, STARRS Board of Advisors


By Rod Bishop, Lt Gen, USAF (Ret), STARRS President and Board Chairman

USNA CRT/CP Smoking Gun

By Phillip Keuhlen, Commander, USN (Ret), USNA !71