12 May 2022

STARRS Updates: Video Series, Collaborators, & Breaking News

Episode 9 – The Intellectuals – Interview with Author Rebecca Friedrichs – CD Media (creativedestructionmedia.com)

Episode 10 – The Intellectuals – Interview with Dr. Carol Swain – CD Media (creativedestructionmedia.com)

Home – For Kids And Country

Dr. Carol Swain | Author | Speaker | TV Commentator – Holding Politicians Accountable (carolmswain.com)

Restore Liberty (restore-liberty.org)

TNT Radio | iHeart

Integrity first? Air Force Academy Scandal!!! (rumble.com)

Pray In Jesus Name – Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, PhD

07 Apr 2022:

STARRS Updates: Video Series, Collaborators, & Breaking News

The Military’s Abusive Imposition of Mandatory Covid Vaccinations 

Ukraine’s War Highlights Again That Men And Women Are Different (thefederalist.com)

How ‘Social Justice’ is Killing the Military – American Thinker

BRIGADIER GENERAL TRACEY A. SIEMS > Air Force > Biography Display (af.mil) 

Rod Bishop talks about the US Military’s vaccine mandate policy

Rod Bishop talks about the U.S. military’s vaccine mandate policy 

Episode 8 – The Intellectuals – Interview With Historian Jane Hampton Cook

People Are Policy: Three Pentagon Nominees Who Do Not Deserve Senate Support


08 Mar 2022:

22 Feb 2022:

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