Fighting Windmills: The DOD’s Battle Against Covid

By Scott Sturman, M.D., STARRS Board of Advisors,  USAFA ’72

In his most recent article, Dr Scott Sturman discusses how today’s landscape of the Covid  battlefield is unrecognizable. The dominant, highly infectious but relatively mild Omicron variant, has morphed into a disease that primarily affects the upper respiratory tract. Natural immunity, shown in numerous studies to be superior to vaccine immunity, is burgeoning within the general population, and the CDC reports nearly 2/3 of military aged personnel demonstrate antibodies directed against the nucleocapsid antigen. 

Like Don Quixote engaged in mortal combat against windmills, the Covid  battlefield conditions are being distorted by DOD to suit orthodoxy; fantasy is substituted for rigorous assessment of the disease’s current risk. The DOD policies formulated nine months ago to address Covid  19 no longer apply. The Omicron variant is a different enemy with different strengths and weaknesses that requires adaptable leaders willing to apply solutions based on real time information. In comments about effective leadership, General George Patton observed, “If everybody’s thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” 

The DOD mindset of applying obsolete information to contemporary, rapidly changing problems threatens the defense of the country more than Covid  19. 

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