Edition 12 6 Nov 2021

A Message from STARRS’ President 

Lt Gen Rod Bishop, USAF (Ret)


     As you may know, over a year ago, myself and a growing group of concerned citizens formed Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services, Inc,. or STARRS for short. We filed our application for 501(c)3 status in April 2021, and as we await our final approval for non-profit status, we feel it is time to begin our public effort to bring awareness to our primary concern: Racism and Radicalism in the (U.S. Armed) Services. 

     We chose Veterans Day week to begin these efforts as we feel that the American veteran has a unique responsibility, as well as opportunity, to spotlight what we see as a lethal threat to America’s armed forces supremacy. Our end goal is to simply prevent the US armed forces from slipping into partisan political diversions, which we know causes division and disunity, and ultimately impacts mission readiness, cohesion and warfighting capability. At this moment in American history, I think you will agree, America faces unprecedented and historic challenges, not just abroad, but here in America itself. Although many will perceive our concerns as unwarranted criticism, we act in good faith and conscience as we attempt to protect the armed forces from political influence to ensure our forces remain the premier military organization in the world. Indeed, we champion our armed forces which are vital to America’s national security, peace and prosperity. 

     We thank everyone who has shown concern for our country by registering with STARRS and encourage each of you to consider getting involved with the organization and in your communities to fight the Marxist infiltration at all levels.  When considering what you will do, I ask our veterans to reaffirm your commitment to the Oath of Office:  


“I [state your full name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter. So help me God.”


     In closing, we believe unity is every Soldier’s, Sailor’s, Marine's, Airman’s and Guardian’s strength - indeed, unity is America’s strength. Please consider supporting our efforts as we work to preserve the institutions that we so dearly love. 

     On behalf of STARRS, and all of our supporters, Happy Veterans Day and thank you for your interest in STARRS.

Orbit Shot Engagements


     As Gen Bishop discussed, STARRS is kicking in the afterburners on our efforts to build public awareness regarding the infiltration of neo-Marxist ideologies into our military and other public institutions and the danger it poses to the very fabric of our country. We encourage everyone to attend or tune in to the  public events:


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3.  Excellent discussion about why STARRS was formed and what is going on in the military.  Securing America TV with Frank Gaffney, 5 Nov, STARRS guest Lt Gen Rod Bishop is interviewed in the first two segments.


4.  Caravan To Midnight with John Wells, 5 Nov, STARRS guest BG Chris Petty.


Scheduled Engagements:


1. Monday, 8 Nov, 1000 Pacific, Information Operations, L. Todd, Wood, CD Media, STARRS guests Lt Gen Rod Bishop, RADM Hank Bond and BG Chris Petty


2. Monday, 8 Nov, 1100 Mountain, Real Clear Politics podcast with David Craig; STARRS guest Lt Gen Rod Bishop


3. Tuesday, 9 Nov, 0900 Eastern, Information Operations, L. Todd Wood, CD Media, STARRS guests Wilfred Reilly & Dr. Col Ron Scott


4. Tuesday, 9 Nov, The Ross Kaminsky Show, iHeart Radio, STARRS guest LCDR Bruce Davey


5. Veterans Day Podcast on Real Clear Politics. Lt Gen Rod Bishop will be interviewed on Monday.  The video should be available on Real Clear Politics later the week.


6.  Thursday, 11 Nov, The Ross Kaminsky Show, iHeart Radio, STARRS guests Capt Kendall Qualls and Tom Burbage


7. Thursday, 11 Nov, 1400-1600 Local, Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub Orbit Shot Local Event, Cocktail Meet and Greet with Lt Gen Bishop and other STARRS officers in the Colorado Springs area; 21 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO.


8. Saturday, 13 Nov, 1900 Eastern, The Huckabee Show, TBN, STARRS guests Lt Gen Rod Bishop, Tom Burbage and Capt Kendall Qualls

Why Does STARRS Exist?


By Mike Pefley, STARRS VP, Communications, USAFA ‘74


     Our twin American ideals of liberty and equality have made us the freest, most prosperous nation in history. From Lexington and Concord to the beaches of Normandy and mountains of Afghanistan, our warriors have always defended these values. 

      Today we face a new enemy. This enemy isn’t a country. He can’t be defeated by an amphibious landing or a surgical drone strike. The enemy is Critical Race Theory (CRT), yet another form of radical neo-Marxism tearing apart our national fabric.

      Since 1848, Marxism has resulted in either the murder or enslavement of hundreds of millions. CRT is today’s deft repackaging of the old Marxist lie—a secular religion that promises equality and justice and delivers disunity, oppression and poverty. 

      Embracing this new radicalism means rejecting everything America stands for. By co-opting language and twisting definitions, proponents of this ideology have smuggled their ideas into our institutions under the guise of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” “Equity” demands equal outcomes regardless of merit. “Diversity” emphasizes race and other “identities” over being united as Americans. “Inclusion” gives special privileges to minority “victims” while demonizing and punishing the “oppressive white majority”.  These twisted definitions are the antithesis of what it has always meant to aspire to achieve the American dream.

     Radicalism distracts our armed services from its primary purpose: to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Focusing on CRT shifts our military’s attention from lethality and readiness to a false, divisive ideology. If this radicalism continues to fester within our military, a large number of US servicemen and women will be removed from their position, passed over, demoted, and even discharged. 

      STARRS recognizes that America is battling an enemy that has infiltrated our military and our service academies. As former service members, our oath to defend the Constitution has no expiration date—that’s why we’re leading the fight to eradicate radicalism from our armed forces. 

      We will overcome this enemy by building the capabilities and resources to engage the hearts and minds of Americans, particularly our next generation of officers and enlisted troops.

      In this, we need your help. Our country needs patriots now more than ever. Educate yourself and those around you on the false promises of CRT and neo-Marxism. History shows where those promises lead. Refuse to stay on the sidelines—if you see something worth examining, contact us. We stand ready to help. 

      Take action: contribute your talents, your voice, and your funds. The fight against CRT will be the defining struggle of the 21st century. With your help, we can drive radical politics out of the military and restore our citizen soldiers to their primary purpose: to defend our Constitution and protect the American people.

Join the Fight

Did I Flee Communist Romania to End 

My Life in Communist America


By Alex Hogue, STARRS member

     A few months back, I was asked a question about what correlation I saw between Critical Race Theory and Communism based on my experiences living in communist Romania for 18 years. I took a deep breath, not because it required much thinking on my part, but because the answer I knew, which was still so vivid in my psyche, was causing me PTSD. “Not being allowed to dissent. It’s your way or no way. No conversation, no space for dissent,” I answered. 

    Under Communism, it was not necessarily the rationed life (rationed food and medical care) we were living that was distressing to Romanians. The struggle of daily life was the constant psychological conditioning of conformity to the system under which we were forced to live. The damage was intentional. Reinforced, through communist party propaganda press and two hours of daily television.
     A little background to this propaganda: 


the establishment of the democratic government led by Dr. Petru Groza on March 6, 1945, the manipulation of the parliamentary elections of 1946, the abolition of the two major parties PNT-CD and PNL, the imposition of a program of economic and socio-political reforms after the Soviet model, the repression of class enemies, the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, the abolition of the monarchy and the start of the program: The New Man.


     Moreover, during the ‘70s and ‘80s, surveillance was prevalent through members of the Secret Service similar to Russia’s KGB. They recruited Romanians from all walks of life to take the pulse of the society in regards to their view on the communist party and their leader. The Secret Service’s tool was Word of Mouth. Families were telling on their family members, classmates were telling on their classmates, workers on their coworkers and so on. This was a well organized crime syndicate of listening, observing, reporting back to the System. Those agreeing to become informants were rewarded with food and good medical care. The System was brutal in their punishment of dissidents by turning them into mad men and sending them to psychiatric wards designed especially for them.

     Living in the United States of America for the past 22 years, I’ve been keenly experiencing psychological symptoms between life experiences I lived under communism and what has been occurring in America for the past 15 years. It has become harder and harder to express a different point of view without being vilified by peers in social media, press, and TV. Moreover, some of those who are elected to represent us in Congress encourage the vilification of dissent. Lively and healthy debates are being portrayed as misinformation. People’s livelihoods are destroyed for daring to dissent from required programming. The Patriot Act has been weaponized as a surveillance tool against American citizens. 

     I still believe in the most exquisite experiment of freedom that the world has ever known: The United States of America, the shining city upon a hill. I still believe in the freedom this nation is providing to millions of citizens who are fleeing despotic regimes. I’m forever grateful for the dreams I was allowed to achieve in America, and for giving me back my dignity to develop as a human being. However, lately, due to the turning of American life into an oblivion of divisiveness, my subconscious has been asking a frightening question: did I flee communist Romania to end my life in communist America?

Gen Colin Powell

A Soldier’s Soldier



Inspiring Quotes:


- Regarding America’s leadership in fighting for freedom for citizens of foreign lands:  “The only land we ever asked for was enough land to bury our dead.”

-  “A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

-  “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

- “If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.”

- “Don’t be buffaloed by experts and elites. Experts often possess more data than judgment. Elites can become so inbred that they produce hemophiliacs who bleed to death as soon as they are nicked by the real world.”


By Patti Stuart, STARRS BOD Member, USAFA ‘87


     On October 18th, America lost a great statesman and “soldier’s soldier” in the passing of General Colin Powell. Many of his 84 years were spent in service to the country he loved. Born in Harlem in 1937 and raised in the South Bronx, Powell was the son of Jamaican immigrants. His parents set strong expectations for Powell, but he initially didn’t care much for school, getting only mediocre grades in high school. It was when he enrolled at New York City College and learned about their ROTC program that he found his passion. He excelled in the program--becoming the detachment commander--beginning his superior performance in leadership roles.  

     While a lieutenant, he was stationed in still segregated Georgia. He noted that the Army treated all soldiers the same, based on rank, but was shocked to see there were still restaurants he could not eat at off base. In an interview, years later, Gen Powell said his sergeants told him, “Lt Powell, we don’t care if you’re an immigrant kid or not. We don’t care if you are black, white, blue or yellow. We don’t care where you grew up. We don’t care that you went to a public school and you didn’t go to West Point. The only thing we care about now is: do you perform? Do you do your very, very best? Do you have potential?’ 

     Those words stuck with him for the next 35 years. During those years he was injured in two deployments to Vietnam; and served four presidents. As a three star, he was President Reagan’s National Security Advisor.  He was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, after which he retired from the Army. He then served as the Secretary of State under President George W. Bush. 

     During his tenure he oversaw many conflicts including the first and second Gulf Wars and the U.S. response to 9/11. Based on his leadership style, a reporter coined the phrase “The Powell Doctrine” to mean using all diplomatic tools possible to avoid conflict, but if military action is needed, a decisive force should be deployed.  His leadership during the First Gulf War helped secure a quick victory and liberate the country of Kuwait from Iraqi forces. Condoleeza Rice, the Secretary of State in 2005, stated in the Washington Post that tributes to Gen Powell need to note “his tireless work as the country’s chief diplomat: strengthening relations with allies at difficult times; ending civil war in Sudan; and leaving the State Department stronger and more efficient that when he arrived.”

     Since Gen Powell represented many “firsts” (he was the first African American to fill all the above roles), he was often asked about racial strife. In an address to Howard University students in 1994 he stated “I want you to fight racism. But remember, as Dr. King and President Mandela have taught us, racism is a disease of the racist. Never let it become yours. Racism is a disease that you can help cure by standing up for your rights, and by your commitment to excellence and to performance. By being ready to take advantage of your rights and the opportunities that will come from those rights…And as you seek your way in the world, never fail to find a way to serve your community. Use your education and your success in life to help those still trapped in cycles of poverty and violence. Above all, never lose faith in America. Its faults are yours to fix, not curse.”

     General Powell and his wife Alma embraced that philosophy and dedicated decades to helping the poor and marginalized. They worked on many endeavors, including America’s Promise--a public and private partnership to provide opportunities and support to young people--focusing on promises for mentorship, safety, education and healthcare. Gen Powell also devoted his efforts to guiding the creation of the New York City College, Colin Powell School for Civil and Global Leadership. He did so hoping to provide opportunities to others coming from similar backgrounds as his. He never forgot that the opportunities ROTC and the Army provided him let him fulfill the expectations his parents had set. Our country will miss his optimism and leadership.

STARRS: The First Year


     The leaders and members of STARRS have already taken numerous actions to learn about specific examples of the infiltration of CRT and other neo-Marxist ideologies into our military organizations and to understand how they are impacting service members, unit morale and effectiveness.  

     A major part of our efforts to learn what is going on is submitting Freedom Of Information Act requests. Between 4 Aug 20 and 12 Oct 21, 18 requests have been submitted to USAFA, USMA, USNA, and SECDEF. Two responses have been received, but neither actually answered the questions asked. Our team is working on pushing back to get more appropriate and complete answers. We are also preparing to submit new FOIA requests in the near future.

     As we gather information, our members have worked to sound the alarm to military and congressional leaders, as well as the general public, through over 60 interviews on TV, radio, podcasts, and on-line shows; presentations to community groups; and by publishing articles on various platforms. 


Articles Published by STARRS Members:


A. Dr. Scott Sturman, STARRS Board of Advisors:  


1.  “Part 1: Can the Academy Survive?” 


2.  “Part 2: Is Attrition a Good Thing?” 


3.  “Part 3: No “I” in Honor Code” 


4.  “Herbert Marcuse - A Solution Looking for a Problem 


5.  Gulag Archipelago Book Review 


6.  American Marxism Book Review 


7.  CRT by Richard Delgado Book Review


B. Brent Ramsey, STARRS Director At Large:


1.  A detailed analysis of the Navy's focus on diversity, equity and inclusion with its Task Force One Navy.  Poses questions about the validity of the Navy's focus on social justice instead of its core mission.  Includes findings from a Congressional investigation that highlights Navy readiness deficiencies partly due to excessive focus on diversity.


Part I - Navy Update - Task Force One Navy And Congressional Report On The Surface Navy - CD Media (creativedestructionmedia.com)


Part 2 – Navy Update – Task Force One Navy And Congressional Report On The Surface Navy - CD Media (creativedestructionmedia.com)


Part 3 – Navy Update – Task Force One Navy And Congressional Report On The Surface Navy - CD Media (creativedestructionmedia.com) 


2.  Highlighting DOD activities in the recent past that focus on the dubious quest to find extremists in the ranks. Among other things, the article lays bare the distractions taken up by the Defense Department and the services that detract from readiness, a readiness decline that is starkly noted by GAO in a recent report.


What Are DoD’s Priorities? | RealClearDefense 


3.  DOD is studying the issue of renaming military bases named for Confederate military figures such as General Robert E. Lee. Citing historical references about our founding the author presents a convincing case that to rename bases would ignore history and be another example of cancel culture madness driving decisions instead of reflection and reason.


Renaming Military Bases Ignores History - CD Media (creativedestructionmedia.com)


4. An examination of the need for a strong Navy and contrasting examples of how we choose to spend our funding instead.  This article highlights the need for a strong Navy which is hamstrung by our nation's priorities for social spending instead of recognizing the existential and looming threat from China.


The Price of U. S. Navy Combat Supremacy


5. These articles examine DOD's improper suspension of the Academy Boards of Visitors.  Without proper authority SECDEF suspended all three BOV's and prevented them from performing their statutory duties in support of the welfare of the students at those critical institutions.


Politics And The Academy Boards of Visitors - CD Media (creativedestructionmedia.com)


The Price of U.S. Navy Combat Supremacy (ausn.org)


6. The Looming Taiwan Challenge



C. Jane Hampton Cook, STARRS Board of Advisors 


1. Changing the nation's birth date is one of the fallacies of the 1619 Project, which is being implemented in hundreds of schools as a partner with critical race theory. This article documents the name change that Americans experienced on July 4, 1776, and why it is rightfully the nation's birth date. 


Was The United States Truly Born on the Fourth of July?


2. One way to celebrate independence and counter CRT is to discover how the Declaration of Independence gave birth to our greatest civil rights movements.


How The Declaration of Independence Birthed Our Greatest Civil Rights Movements


3. Why did the first Independence parade and fireworks show take place in May 1776 and not July 1776? 


4. Why the U.S. Flag Is for Every American and Not Racist


5. How did Betsy Ross Become the First Flagmaker? 


6. Memorial Day 2021 – Fighting Unrestricted Warfare 


7. Remembering Those Who Died in the American Revolution 


8. How Ben Franklin fought cancel culture in his own time and gave us the principles of freedom of the press and speech


Cancel Culture and Ben Franklin

St. Crispin's Day


St Crispin Video

By Scott Sturman M.D., STARRS BOA member, USAFA ’72


     On St. Crispin’s Day, October 25, 1415, in the north of France, the Battle of Agincourt looms. King Henry V’s army, beleaguered due to previous combat and disease, face a French force six times its size. Faced with discouraging odds, Henry positions his troops brilliantly, takes advantage of favorable terrain, and uses his long bow archers to devastate a cumbersome foe. His victory sets the stage for Shakespeare’s St. Crispin’s Day Speech in the play Henry V.

     Prior to battle the situation appears hopeless to the English army. Henry’s men kiss the ground on which they stand, for surely this will be their final resting place before the day is done. Knowing his life and the destiny of England depend on his men’s courage and cohesiveness, Henry rallies their spirits by delivering the “St. Crispin’s Day Speech.” He reminds his cousin Westmoreland that the honor earned today will be remembered forever. Despite being outnumbered, Henry desires no reinforcements or cowards among his troops. Honor is a zero-sum game - a finite quantity that cannot be shared with those who are unworthy. The upcoming battle is a cherished opportunity, and those absent will envy the participants and curse themselves for not being a part of history.


“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; 

For he today that sheds his blood with me 

Will be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,

The day shall gentle his condition.”


     In Shakespeare’s time the word “vile” also meant someone of a low social class. Social barriers and petty prejudices abounded in fifteenth century England. For Henry to accentuate these differences among his troops or question their integrity would have ensured a certain defeat to be even more certain. Dumas summarized the brotherhood ethos in The Three Musketeers, “All for one and one for all, united we stand, divided we fall.”

     President Kennedy observed, “No one has been barred on account of his race from fighting or dying for America; there are no white or colored signs on the foxholes or graveyards of battle.” From the time of the Persians and Greeks, living by codes of conduct and instilling a sense of elitism and camaraderie among the ranks provided the foundation on which soldiers risked their lives to protect the country they served. In the foxholes of today, an insidious enemy, no less dangerous than the Soviet political officer holding a pistol to the back of the head of an unwilling soldier, preaches hate and racism. Ideological generals and admirals sow the seeds of distrust by promoting Critical Race Theory. Those who object bear the brunt of ridicule and are condemned for failing to profess doctrines that are steeped in Marxism.

     On this St. Crispin’s Day, we salute the men and women serving our country and pray they are able to withstand the withering attacks from the enemy within. As Orwell put it, they are the rough ones who insure that, “People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men (and women) stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

Which United States Constitution?

The choice between the Madisonian Constitution or the Wilsonian “living constitution” is stark and pressing indeed.


Originally published on American Greatness, October 17, 2021:


By Phillip Keuhlen, STARRS Member, USNA, ‘71


     Fifty years ago my United States Naval Academy Class accepted its individual commissions. Each officer swore an oath of indefinite duration to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; to bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and to well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which they entered. It is an interesting formulation, for it requires one’s allegiance to, and defense of, our founding document and by extension the principles it embodies. 

     For virtually all of us there was clarity about what was meant by the Constitution of the United States. Even in the unlikely event that a midshipman had arrived at the Academy unschooled in civics, one did not graduate without passing course H303, U.S. Government and Constitutional Development. Prospective officers understood the Constitution of the United States to be one of the organic laws of the United States, the Madisonian instrument designed by the Constitutional Convention, ratified in 1789, and adapted in the Bill of Rights and succeeding amendments, to protect the principles of the American founding as stated in the first of the organic laws, the 1776 Declaration of Independence. 

     One cannot help but wonder which United States Constitution today’s generation of serving officers intends to support and defend when they swear and live their oaths of office. For, make no mistake, while the Madisonian Constitution, as amended, and the Declaration of Independence are still the written laws of the land, the United States is administered today by an entirely different constitutional regime, underpinned by a radically different set of principles. Each officer must face the moral and ethical questions of which to support and defend, and what that defense may entail.

     The first principles of the American founding are concisely stated in the Declaration of Independence, the first official act of our Congress and the fountainhead of American law. 


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” (emphasis added)


     The political philosophy of natural law and natural rights championed in the Declaration was enshrined by the Congress as our nation’s statement of first principles. In the U.S. Code, Congress has placed the Declaration at the beginning, under the heading “The Organic Laws of the United States of America,” ahead of the Constitution. James Madison, the father of the Constitution, said that it was “the fundamental act of union,” the first lawful document by which we illuminate the constitutional principles of Americans.
     But, what do the words mean? The founders stated that our rights were individual rights; that they were shared in common by all mankind; that they were conferred by God, not by a state; and that they were ours by right, not rationed by government as a means to its ends. They proclaimed these values incontrovertible, requiring no defense. They declared that the legitimate function of government was to secure the natural rights of individual citizens, and that the power of governments to secure those natural rights derived only from the consent of the people.

     The Constitutional Convention labored to craft a document that could be passed out of convention and be ratified by the states. The result was a Constitution founded upon natural law, designed to defend the natural rights of citizens, and equipped with safeguards intended to preserve the union, minimize abuse of power, and assure justice for all. The principal features designed to protect the Republic and constitutional governance included:

  • Separation of powers between the legislative (enact law), executive (enforce law), and judicial (interpret law) branches of government; 
  • Multiple provisions to protect minorities, as individuals, classes or as States, from the tyranny of a majority by features such as due process, a bicameral legislature, and an Electoral College;  
  • Formal processes for amending the Constitution;  
  • Formal processes for electing the president; and  
  • Reservation of powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it, to the states, to the states or the people respectively.

     The founder’s political philosophy of natural law stands in stark contrast to the contemporaneous philosophy of utilitarianism espoused by Jeremy Bentham. Bentham found the motivating principle for society in the shorthand phrase, “The greatest good for the greatest number.” This view, rejected by the founders, embraced the state as the arbiter of a “common good;” found right and wrong to be relative, defined in terms of the effect on the “common good;” believed that the “common good,” and hence government by the state that defined it, was preeminent over individuals. In utilitarianism, personal liberty exists only to the extent it is bestowed by governments, granted in the context and support of the state defined “common good.”

     There is a profound, irreconcilable, difference between the first principles of American values stated in the Declaration of Independence and the beliefs of Bentham and his philosophical heirs such as John Stuart Mill, Georg Wilhelm Hegel, Karl Marx, Herbert Marcuse, and Erich Fromm. Those political philosophers provide the philosophical underpinning of contemporary, utilitarian-based Progressive movements. 

     For over a century, the proponents of Progressivism have unceasingly advanced a vision and values directly opposed to those the country was founded on. They have mounted sustained legislative, judicial, and executive programs that have incrementally subverted the United States Constitution. They have supplanted it with a regime of governance that compromises essential elements of Madisonian constitutional governance, effectively replacing it with an antithetically political philosophy. And like the proverbial frog cooked in the pan of water brought slowly to boiling, many are totally unaware of this changed constitutional environment.

     The seminal political architect of changes that have been impressed into American constitutional governance over the past century was President Woodrow Wilson. Under the cover of the national emergency of World War I, Wilson initiated two radical transformations to Madisonian constitutional governance of limited powers. 

  • The first, his doctrine of a “living constitution” circumvents provisions of the constitution by constituting the Supreme Court functionally as a permanently sitting constitutional convention, usurping the power to make law reserved to the elected Congress and inventing new law and constitutional provisions by judicial action, contrary to the Madisonian Constitution’s separation of powers.  
  • Wilson’s “administrative state” is an even more profound transformation of constitutional governance. Eliminating the separation of powers entirely, it empowers unelected, unaccountable bureaucratic agencies to reign sovereign over the people, able to make rules with the force of law, enforce them, and adjudicate breeches of them, often absent the due process guaranteed by Madisonian governance.

     Wilson’s transformations were founded on the Hegelian concept of a state that is sovereign over the people. The Hegelian state functions to define the interests of the community and delimits individual liberty to conform to this revealed state interest. Wilson and his successors have substituted the state as the source and arbiter of citizen’s rights, eliminating the Madisonian construct of the state as the servant of the people, governing with their consent in defense of their inalienable rights bestowed from the Creator’s fountainhead.

     Wilson’s Progressive successors have consolidated and extended the transformation of constitutional governance that he initiated. Under cover of another national emergency, the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt radically extended the definition of interstate commerce in Article 1, Section 8 of the constitution. Initially rebuffed by the Supreme Court in his attempt to usurp powers reserved to the states, Roosevelt threatened legislation to pack the Supreme Court with supporters. Thus threatened, the court acceded to Roosevelt’s vast expansion of the extra-constitutional regulatory state. This further overturned constitutional protections such as the separation of powers, the presumption of innocence, and standing for judicial review. 

     Today, the Progressive effort to subvert and functionally replace the Madisonian Constitution and the rights that underpin it continues apace, with current events replete with examples.

  • Faced with a thin majority of Supreme Court Justices who profess a nominally Madisonian view of the Constitution and jurisprudence, and who are the sole bulwark against elective tyranny, today’s Progressives once again propose to pack the Supreme Court to further consolidate their power. 
  • Several state legislatures have attacked the Constitution by enacting statutes to enable direct election of the president via the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. This perversion intends to circumvent several constitutional provisions. These include those for the election of the president; for amendment of the Constitution; and for interstate compacts. At its core, it would disenfranchise many voters by requiring state electors to cast votes based on the voting in other states, rather than in their own. 
  • Progressives have attacked freedom of speech both directly and indirectly under cover of anti-extremism and fantastic allegations of insurrection with political indoctrination, cancel culture, speech codes, and de-platforming.  
  • Prominent Progressives have attacked freedom of religion, perverting the Constitution’s intended protection of religious expression. They express open hostility to religion, designed to suppress religious expression and to attack qualification for public office on the basis of professed religious belief. They have initiated numerous government actions to coerce individuals and religious organizations to take actions contrary to their faith.

     So, which United States Constitution does the current generation of serving officers support and defend? The formally adopted Madisonian Constitution and its Lockean vision of liberty underpinned in natural law, inalienable rights, and legitimacy based upon the consent of the governed; or the Wilsonian constitutional regime and its Benthamite/Hegelian underpinning in a statist defined “common good” of contingent rights and liberties? 

     Will they embrace and fight for the defining values and rights conferred by natural law as enshrined in our founding documents, or abdicate the legacy our forefathers fought and died for and accede to the elective statist tyranny, moral relativism, and legal positivism (judge-made law) of the descendants of Bentham?

     Make no mistake; the choice between these visions is the critical issue of our American age. Each officer, whether in our individual actions as citizens in civic affairs—or in organizational leadership to our communities, businesses, or government agencies—faces profound moral and ethical decisions in this regard. We will define our place in history, and bequeath our greatest gift or curse to our posterity, in the choice we make between them. A significant portion of our body politic unabashedly attacks the vision and values America was founded on, embracing a diametrically opposed vision and set of values, while others simply sleepwalk through it all, content to go along to get along. 

     From the earliest days of the American experiment, preeminent American leaders have understood how fragile it is. Franklin, asked about the form of the new government after the Constitutional Convention replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Washington warned in his farewell address about the risk of losing shared common vision and values to factionalism. Lincoln, above all, understood and emphasized that preserving America and its common founding vision and values required covenantal rededication by each succeeding generation. 

     The United States of America has been engaged in a struggle over the choice between our formally adopted Madisonian Constitution and the competing, incrementally advanced Wilsonian constitutional regime for over a century. Taking inspiration from Patrick Henry’s speech before the Virginia Convention at St. John’s Church in Richmond on March 23, 1775, “we argue that those who believe in America’s founding values but deny this reality have eyes, but see not; have ears but hear not.” Hearkening back to a time of youth perhaps, they cry for a return to civility and restraint in public discourse, crying “Peace, peace!”—but there can be no peace between these alternatives. 

     We are potentially at a tipping point in the history of our Constitution and constitutional governance. Those who crusade for Wilsonian governance and its rejection of America’s founding values are today ascendant in government institutions and much of public culture. They already display the inclination to suppress opposition by such means as are available to them, including political indoctrination and broad proscription/punishment of “political speech” in the Armed Forces. Those who take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America face choices in the execution of that responsibility. 

     What does it mean to support the Constitution? Is their obligation passive or active? Does military service alone fulfill the obligation to support and defend the Constitution? Is there an obligation to speak up publicly, either inside or outside the military organization to support the Constitution? Is such speech a “political” or “extremist” activity or is it a core element of carrying out their oath of office? All are fair questions, yet all must be preceded by officers first consciously answering for themselves, “Which Constitution of the United States am I defending?” The choice between the Madisonian Constitution that remains the law of the land or the Wilsonian “living constitution” that subverts its intent, denies its underpinning values, and is increasingly the basis of current governance which is stark and pressing indeed.

Evidence of Indoctrination in the Military


Pres Biden nominates an LGBT activist to oversee military Chaplains


     In 2010, a top Army official described conservative Christian members of the military as “bigoted” and said those who can’t support the LGBT agenda “need to get out.”  That view is even more pronounced today among the military brass. Biden has selected Brenda Sue Fulton, a prominent LGBT activist and outspoken critic of orthodox Christians, to the Pentagon post that oversees military chaplains. 

Read the Full Article

West Point 'glorifies ignorant submission and unethical behavior': Former Cadet


    A trio of former West Point cadets join 'Hannity' to express their disappointment in a woke curriculum and vaccine mandate at one of the nation's premier military academies.

Hannity Interview with Former Cadets

Boots On The Ground Perspectives


1. From a recent USAFA grad:  "When I saw how many minorities and women were being given leadership positions within the wing--certainly "out of proportion"--I just kept my head down, didn't make noise and didn't aspire to any higher position--nor will I in the Air Force--what USAFA taught me was just go along to get along." 


2.  A note we received from the mother of a current cadet at USAFA. 



     My son is in his first year at the US Air Force Academy. I’ve seen information that CRT is supposedly not being taught at the academy, even though a Political Science teacher came out saying that she was indeed using CRT material.

     I’d like to submit information to which my son is being subjected in his English class that demonstrates that his teacher is pushing CRT.

     I’ll mention a few of the sources that concern me and tell a bit about them. (There are still many other articles, etc. that I am exploring.)


A.  The Mask You Live In is a video written, directed and produced by Jennifer Newsom, wife of Governor Gavin Newsom of California. 


B.  My son was telling me about his English paper. Of the multiple topics from which he could choose, he picked one on masculinity, but he found the subject matter was not what he was expecting. He commented, “you know, how all men are violent…”. This comment is what began my investigation and gave me the opportunity to alert my son to this lie.

     When reading reviews, I saw comments such as, “anti-male nonsense disguised as concern”; “Anti-male, anti-human, anti-science, anti-face, anti-biology, abusive, corrosive, post-modernist, utter bull Marxist feminism.”


C.  Last week he was asked to summarize Who Invented Whiteness by Gregory Jay   I read it. In my opinion, it puts guilt on those who are white and expresses white supremacy.


D.  My son sent his syllabus and told me that many of his assignments are from The Seagull Book of Stories/4th edition by Joseph Kelly. I’ve ordered the book, but have not received it yet. Someone who reviewed the book on Amazon said, “be aware some stories are so explicit as to be considered pornography. Why that should be part of school reading is beyond me.”  (Not CRT indicative, but we are a Christian family and I hate that my son could be subjected to such trash, all in the name of higher education.)

     The author, Joseph Kelly, has also written books revealing “new history”. (1619 Project?).  Marooned: Jamestown, Shipwreck and New History of America’s Origin and America’s Longest Siege: Charleston, Slavery, and the Slow March Toward Civil War… as well as other books.


     I will do you a favor and stop giving examples. Please do what you can to stop our military academies from brainwashing our up and coming military leaders.

     At this point, I’d rather you not publicly give my name or my son’s, because it could bring repercussions to him.

Thank you, (name withheld by request), 10/09/21


3.  Linked below is a video that the incoming class of 2025 cadets were required to watch as part of their appointee checklist; they were not authorized to travel to the academy until the checklist was complete- including Diversity and Inclusion training consisting of this video among others:

Mandatory Appointee D&I Video

4.  Class of 2025 Convocation Ceremony:  Emphasis on “They Called Us Enemy”; poor military bearing and professionalism; amateur ceremony. Disgraceful!

Convocation Video

A Call To Action


We thank you for expressing interest in STARRS and encourage you to take an active role.  Engage your elected representatives at the local, state and national levels and express your concerns. Educate your fellow citizens by speaking at gatherings, writing editorials for local papers, talking to school boards and encouraging others to join us. If you have experienced the impact of this corrosive racist ideology, please share your story and observations with STARRS at:



1.  Everything you need to know to fight against CRT and get involved in your community!  Check out Tea Party Patriots Action, United We Stand:

United We Stand

2.  Woke Schooling - A Toolkit for Concerned Parents


3.  ‘Heroic Modern Black Intellectuals’: Woodson Center adds to ‘1776 Unites’ curriculum:  Conservatives Thomas Sowell, Glenn Loury, Walter Williams featured in new K-12 education guide.

     Williams believed a reliance on massive government transfer programs - the welfare state - robbed the black community of autonomy and action, a position strongly supported by Mr. Squires and Mr. Bradley. Stressing the differences that can be found regionally among black communities, they sought to reframe the debate on race and economics. “Walter went after some sacred cows in the black community,” Mr. Rowe said. “His data-driven work showed government policy actively undermined black agency, black prosperity and black freedom,” Mr. Bradley said. “We need to repair the ideology that government has some magical idea about what’s best for the black community,” Mr. Bradley said. Read the full article at:

Read the Full Article

CRT in the Community


1.  Loudoun County Forces Parents To Sign NDA-Style Form To View CRT-Inspired Curriculum:  Loudoun County Public Schools is requiring parents to sign a form comparable to a non-disclosure agreement to view a portion of the district’s new curriculum.  As part of LCPS’ broader equity agenda, the district spent approximately $7,700 to become a “licensed user” of Second Step Programs, a branch of the left-leaning non-profit organization Committee for Children. According to the district’s agreement with Second Step obtained by the Daily Caller, the curriculum is not subject to traditional Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) laws. Second Step’s programming revolves around the concept of “social-emotional learning” (SEL), which is linked to the core tenets of critical race theory. According to Committee for Children, the non-profit behind Second Step curriculum, SEL is “fundamental to achieving social justice.”  Click on the second link below for more information on Second Step and to find out some of the places it is being used. STARRS recommends that everyone ask their local school board if they are using it and if so, organize parents to oppose it through school board meetings and meetings with superintendents and elected state officials that represent your district.

Daily Caller Article
Second Step Homepage

2. NC High School Football Team Breaks Through Banner Accusing Opposing Team of Privilege:  Butler High School's cheerleaders held up the banner at a recent game against Charlotte Catholic, which read 'SNIFF SNIFF. YOU SMELL THAT? $PRIVILEGE$.' Parents attending the game on behalf of Charlotte Catholic said they were upset over the banner. “The thing that was so disturbing was it was children,” said Melissa Swanson, who attended the game with her son. "The administration, the coaches, the athletic director – they had to know it.”  The school later apologized. 

Daily Mail Article
One American News Article

3.  Condoleeza Rice speaks out against CRT on The View:  Some key points she made include: “I went to segregated schools until we moved to Denver. My parents never thought I was going to grow up in a world without prejudice, but they also told me, ‘that’s somebody else’s problem, not yours. You’re going to overcome it, and you are going to be anything you want to be.’ And that’s the message that I think we ought to be sending to kids.” 

     “One of the worries that I have about the way we’re talking about race, is that it either seems so big that somehow white people now have to feel guilty for everything that happened in the past — I don’t think that’s very productive — or black people have to feel disempowered by race,” Rice said. “I would like black kids to be completely empowered to know that they are beautiful in their blackness, but in order to do that I don’t think we have to make white kids feel bad for being white.”

The Federalist Article with Video Clip from The View
The Reaction From The View’s Audience Was Hostile: Click Here to See

4.   Walmart Embraces and Conducts CRT Training for Employees:

City Journal Article

5.  The Inherent Fraud of ‘The 1619 Project’


…..The point is to highlight what many other, much more studied, credentialed, and prominent historians have pointed out: the “1619 Project” is not an honest study of history. It presents a grossly inaccurate, incomplete, and biased history.  As one can see from the dates and events listed above, the abolitionist movement in the United States began with the Quakers over 100 years before the Declaration of Independence and Abolitionists signed the Declaration.

American Thinker Article

Our Educational Mission in Action



1.  Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier: Secure Freedom Radio Podcast. Discusses Marxist infiltration in the military and how it is impacting the force. 

    Note: Lohmeier interview goes fromt 17:00 - 34.40.

Recording of Podcast

2.   Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier discusses the purges within the U.S. military during an interview on Real America's Voice News. In part 2, he introduces a new initiative, HonortheOath.org.

Part One
Part Two

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