Edition 13 27 Nov 2021
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STARRS Approved for Non-Profit Status!

     On Oct 15, 2021, Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services, Inc classified as a “public charity,” was granted 501(c)3 exemption status by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) based upon our educational mission.  Hence donors can now claim donations as charitable tax deductions and may also contribute tax deductible bequests, devises, transfer or gifts to STARRS.  Deductibility is retroactive for contributions to April 26, 2021.

    STARRS works for the benefit of our military services, addressing issues that promote unity, not division.  We also work to unify and inspire all Americans to acquire a deeper understanding of our unique heritage and to develop a lasting love for our country.  STARRS believes ensuring that the US military remains free of politics, while strictly adhering to the US Constitution, is vital to US National Security and a secure and free Constitutional Republic.

Orbit Shot Situational Report (SITREP)

     During about ten days around Veterans Day, STARRS implemented a media campaign to educate the American public about how the military services are being politicized and its members indoctrinated in neo-Marxist ideologies such Critical Race Theory.  STARRS leaders and members discussed our concerns, specific examples, and why we believe the evolving situation is a national security threat.  Click the following links to view some of the videos and read the published articles:


 An Interview with Dr. Reilly of Kentucky State University


     STARRS Vice President Ron Scott interviews African-American professor, Dr. Wilfred Reilly author of Taboo and Hate Crime Hoax.  


Click Here to See the 51 Min Video

Lt Gen Rod Bishop and Politics in the Service Academies


     An inspiring interview with Lt Gen Rod Bishop (USAF, Ret), in the Hot Wash Podcast at Real Clear Defense, is linked below.  Lt Col David Craig, USMC (Ret), discusses Veterans Day, renewing the Oath, and STARRS’ concerns and activities with Gen Bishop.


Click Here To Listen to The Interview

Mike Huckabee Show Highlights Military Wokeness

   Mike Huckabee recently interviewed on his show Tom Burbage, USNA ’69, and President of The Calvert Group; Gen Bishop; and Kendall Qualls, President of  TakeCharge.  The discussion revolved around why every American should be concerned about wokeness in the military.


See the Full 10 min Clip Here


Commemorating Veterans Day,

STARRS Calls On Veterans To Retake Oaths

Click Here To Read More

Interview With STARRS Retired Flag Officers:

How To Save US Military From Marxism


     Host L Todd Wood speaks with retired flag officers, Lt Gen Rod Bishop, BG Chris Petty, and RADM Hank Bond, USN (Ret), on how to save the US military from the Marxist scourge.


See The Video Interview Here


‘Hold the Line!’ 

Why the Military Must Repudiate Radical Politics


    Historically, the armed services have been pretty effective at keeping the neo-Nazis out of the military.  Unfortunately, in our national confusion about race, we have allowed the neo-Marxists in.


Read The Article By BG Petty, STARRS VP External Affairs

STARRS Gathering In Colorado Springs Honors

Our Veterans, Focuses on “Orbit Shot”


By Patti Stuart, USAFA ‘87, Member STARRS Board of Directors


     On 11 November, 2021 at an Irish Pub in Colorado Springs, a number of STARRS members and supporters came together in a festive atmosphere to break bread, to hear some motivational words and to express gratitude to those Americans who have served in our Armed Forces.  Because the purpose of STARRS is to keep the Services free from indoctrination from racism and Marxist ideology, we chose Veteran’s Day week to focus our “Orbit Shot.”

     The get-together was very upbeat, since we were all happy to hear our application for our 501(c)3 status had recently been approved.  BG Chris Petty,USA (Ret), emcee’d the event which began with a Veterans Appreciation video made by a local school. The group then listened to a rousing speech by Derrick Wilburn founder and Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives on American Exceptionalism and why an oppressor/oppressed philosophy is dangerous to our military, schools and society.  Lt Gen Bishop followed with a short talk on why STARRS was founded, using the example of the book by an avowed radical activist being given to each Air Force Academy cadet to illustrate the woke indoctrination happening there.  Another video was shown of the three women who resigned from West Point, after finding the school no longer focused on war-fighting but on vaccines and a “woke” agenda.  Lastly, Dr. Ron Scott and Gen Bishop led the military members in renewing their oath of office, reminding us that defending the Constitution may be more important now than it has been in years.  To witness the event in action click on these videos.

Click to See Woodland Park School District Tribute to Veterans
Click to See Speaker Derrick Wilburn

Focus on STARRS Member CMSgt Ken Battle, USAF (Ret):


      Ken’s time has been quite busy since joining the STARRS BOD in April 2021 due to his advisory role with a US Senator, so you may not be familiar with him.   But Ken is very dedicated to STARRS and is hard at work wonderfully promoting our message.


See Ken Battle's Interview On The Hidden Truth Show Here

American Conversations Video 

With Guest Nickaylah Sampson


     American Conversations Host Christine Dolan speaks with former West Point Cadet Nickaylah Sampson on the ideological oppression going on at the U.S. Military Academy.


Link: “I lost my education that was my dream…” Nickaylah Sampson, former USMA Cadet


Lt Gen Bishop Resigns

from Falcon Foundation


     On Oct 20, 2021, the President and CEO of STARRS, Lt Gen Rod Bishop, USAFA’74, resigned from his position as a governing trustee in the Falcon Foundation, citing the “Marxist-rooted ideological invasion” currently happening at the U.S. Air Force Academy.  Gen Bishop elaborates in his resignation letter, e-mailed to the foundation officers, that this ideological indoctrination and instruction packaged as Critical Race Theory, is a pertinent example of the dangerous divisiveness being caused across our entire military.  In spite of Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin denying the Department is teaching CRT, Air Force Academy associate professor of political science Lynne Chandler Garcia brags she is teaching CRT.  Gen Bishop adds in his letter, in response to these troubling divisive signals, “…who is going to want to serve [this nation and her people] if one is taught America is inherently evil or irredeemably racist?”

     Other reasons Gen Bishop cites for his resignation include the White House Administration’s suspension of the USAFA Board of Visitors (BOV).  This includes the termination of all service academy BOV members appointed by President Donald J. Trump and DoD’s purported authorization of new “subcommittees” whose members to be appointed by DoD would “pack” the BOV with members beyond that authorized by Congress.  No Academy BOV oversight or meeting has occurred this year to date.  Two lawsuits are challenging these actions.

     Gen Bishop encouraged foundation officers and trustees to stay engaged and hopefully move the organization toward becoming a strong voice standing up against this poisonous ideology infecting USAFA—an ideology that is clearly driving a wedge into the heart of military cohesiveness.  He also invited members to join our efforts in STARRS citing that STARRS supporters believe military commissioning sources should concentrate upon “developing leaders ready to face the threats of an increasingly dangerous world:  the threat from cyber criminals and state-based actors; the threat of a nuclearized Iran; rejuvenated terrorist operations perhaps led by a victorious and resurgent Taliban; and, most critically, the rising threat from China (this year—seriously threatening Taiwan and developing hypersonic missile capability—after brutally suppressing Hong Kong last year).”  Gen Bishop implores the receivers of his message do what they can, to not allow the destruction of our military through divisive ideology!

George Washington Knew

the Enemy, Do We?


 By Jane Hampton Cook, Member STARRS Board of Advisors


      One of the most important lessons we can learn today from George Washington is to know the enemy.  Although he is known as The First American for defeating the elitist tyrannical British military, Washington's awakening to the British as an enemy began 20 years before the American Revolution!

     As I documented in Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War, Colonel Washington was part of a combined British force of 1,300 soldiers from Virginia and England who fought the French in 1755 in Ohio.

     Several hundred Frenchmen and their native allies hid behind trees and ambushed the British.

     “We have been most scandalously beaten," Washington wrote to his family.

     "I now exist and appear in the land of the living by the miraculous care of Providence that protected me beyond all human expectation,” Washington explained of God's presence.

     "I had four bullets through my coat, and two horses shot under me, and yet escaped unhurt,” he recounted.  A minister prophesied that Washington survived so he could be of great future service to his country.

     While marveling at the angelic mystery behind his miraculous survival, Washington also experienced an awakening to the seedling enemy within.

     The British soldiers "were struck with such a panic that they behaved with more cowardice than it is possible to conceive."

    Washington was angry because the British soldiers had abandoned the Virginians.  Though the redcoats pretended to view their Virginia counterparts as equals, their actions betrayed their true haughty character.

     “In short, the dastardly behavior of those they call regulars exposed all others... They ran as sheep pursued by dogs and it was impossible to rally them."

     This planted a seed of doubt about the British loyalty to America in Washington's mind.  As conflict with England grew over the next 20 years, Washington refused to be fooled by the king's pretentious words and instead focused on his actions.

     When a friend hoped the king would repeal new taxes and martial law in 1774, Washington didn't buy it.  The "government is pursuing a regular plan at the expense of law and justice, to overthrow our Constitutional rights and liberties."

     Washington would also recognize the Chinese Communist Party's tyranny.  As he did with the British, he would see beyond their pretension and identify their threat to liberty. 

     He would be more clear-eyed than Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, who doesn't acknowledge the CCP's unrestricted warfare strategy.  “I would hesitate to call China an enemy.  Some would say adversary. Others would say enemy.  Some would say hostile," General Mark Milley said at a 2017 warfare conference.  “They’re a competitor and the competition between the United States and China has a military dimension to it, but that is a far cry and that’s a long leap between that and enemy."

     Milley's milquetoast views are surprising because the CCP published their doctrine of atypical unrestricted warfare in a 1999 book.  They claimed the future would focus on biological, cyber, financial, trade, cultural and information warfare.

     While Milley doesn't measure up, other military members understand China's threat. General Washington would recognize their thinking.  "China went to war a long time ago, but the US didn’t (want to) notice," retired Marine officer Grant Newsham recently wrote.

     Reflecting on the military's oath to “defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic," an Army sergeant first class explained that it's important to defend against lesser-known domestic enemies seeking to destroy America. 

     "Today we face an adaptive and asymmetric enemy.  War is not always defined and the battlefield changes constantly," he said, pinpointing information warfare through media narratives.

     "The target of an enemy can be the mind of the civilian population.  The opinion of the public can be shifted to ultimately achieve the enemy’s objectives.  This involves the manipulation of the truth in combination with falsehoods, misleading, and manipulated media and psychological warfare."  These attacks are everywhere.

     "We have seen all aspects of information warfare being played out in order to subvert the morale of Americans.  Turning us against one another and misrepresenting the truth.  Infiltration of Marxism into every institution in America.  Redefining what it means to be an American and the American ideal."  The Constitution matters.

     "The founding documents are the objective definition of what this country stands for, and what defines the United States," he said, noting that domestic enemies are destroying America's way of life.  "We need to be able to identify what the threat is, and we need to be able to identify what we are protecting. If we are no longer able to identify what we are protecting, then the line has already been broken. Define America, and know exactly what it stands for, then you will be able to define what a domestic enemy is."

     Washington feared this day would come, which is why he warned us to be vigilant "against which the batteries of internal and external enemies will be most constantly and actively (though often covertly & insidiously) directed."  We need to heed his words and awaken to today's enemies to preserve our union.


Jane Hampton Cook is the author of 10 historical books, including Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War. Janecook.com

True Racism: Black Lives Matter


 By Dr. Michael Padgett, COL, USA (Ret)


      What is the truth regarding racism in America?  Is it the theme espoused by Black Lives Matter (BLM)? Or is the truth something radically different?

     BLM focuses on the assumption of inherent racism within police forces.  BLM dialogue and actions are directed toward whether police forces should be reformed or disbanded either in part or in whole.  Some BLM statements advocate a theme of whites indiscriminately murdering innocent blacks.

     One key dilemma for the BLM movement is its foundation on the assumption of white racism and bias. But do the facts support this assumption?  Truth regarding the facts is the key.  If the relevant facts are not considered, then the basis responsible societies use to determine truth does not exist.  And with the destruction of truth goes any hope of rational or reasonable evaluation of critical issues that arise within a society.

     An intellectually honest person must review the facts to determine if those facts either support the contentions of police racism advocated by BLM or refute the assumptions of the movement.  The only way to determine the truth of BLM is to examine the facts. 


The Facts 


(1) There are about 1,200 fatal shootings of people by police in the U.S. each year. Roughly 300 of those killed are blacks. Blacks account for 25% of all the shootings, but only comprise 13% of the population. Therefore, the majority, 75%, of those people killed by police in the U.S. are not black. Studies show that 90-95% of blacks killed by police each year were engaged in unlawful acts, were armed and represented an immediate threat to either the police officer(s) or nearby civilians. (Reilly, 2020 and Force Science Institute, 2019). 


(2) About 17,000 homicides in the U.S. occur each year. Nearly half of the 17,000 homicides involve blacks. The vast majority of the half are black homicides of other blacks. For every black killed by police, 25 blacks are killed by other blacks (Loury, 2021). 


(3) Even though black males only represent 6% of the US population, the black serious/violent crime rate is 2.5 times greater than the white crime rate. As a result, police interact with black males at a higher rate than the male population of other races.  Worse, there is a higher volume of black-on-white crime than the reverse (Reilly, 2020). 


(4) 85% of white murder victims and 93% of Black murder victims are killed by a member of their same race (Ibid). 


(5) In the inner cities, black crime rates are 10 times that of white crime rates (Ibid). In 2015, roughly 250 blacks were killed by police.  The rate is even more dramatic when one considers unarmed black men killed by police.  Only 17 of the blacks killed were unarmed.  That reduces the rate black men are killed to one black killed per million black men by police (Reilly, 2020) 


     The claim of indiscriminate killing of blacks by police is false and is disproved by the data. The Washington Post, a traditionally liberal publication, underscores how rare it is that unarmed black men are shot by police officers. The facts also show that reducing police forces is a huge mistake, creating chaos and greater crime rates with the vast majority of the victims of increased mayhem being the black populations in the inner cities. 




(1) We must condemn, as being racist, anyone that uses race as a reason for political platforms or actions.


(2) Police forces, made up of men and women, both people of color and white, need to be recognized for being wrongly accused for being blindly racist in their enforcement of the law. 


(3) BLM advocates must be condemned for advocating racism and setting racial progress in reverse. 


(4) The current administration, much of academia, Hollywood, big business, media, social media and any other institution that supports or endorses racism must be opposed by every means possible. 




Reilly, Wilfred (Dr.) (January 2020), Taboo 10 Facts (You Can’t Talk About), p. 30. 


Loury, Glenn (February 2021). Unspeakable Truths about Racial Inequality in America,  Professor at Brown U.; originally printed in the Quillette.


Von Kleim, JD (August 2019), Researchers Find No Racial Disparity in Police Deadly Force, Force Science Institute.

Evidence of Indoctrination in the Military

Diversity and Inclusion at USAFA:  A Trojan Horse


By Scott Sturman, M.D., USAFA ’72, Member STARRS BOD


     A recent Gallup Poll noted that for the last two years racial relations are at the lowest point in two decades.  The reasons are varied and complex, but a polarizing media and academic indoctrination, like what we’re seeing at the service academies, share much of the blame.  Morale at U.S. military academies suffers when men and women prioritize loyalty based on group identity, and individuals witness preferential treatment based on these considerations.  The result can be a seriously questioned loyalty to country and to service.

STARRS member Scott Sturman explores this racially divisive ideology further here

Does the Navy’s New Emphasis on “Diversity” Put the Nation at Risk? 


   Our US Navy is now explicitly considering race in officer promotions, which is contrary to the guidance of 5 U.S.C. 2301 that “selection and advancement should be determined solely on the meritocratic basis of relative ability, knowledge, and skill.

     At its core, Critical Race Theory questions the very foundations of our Nation’s order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, enlightenment rationalism, and neutral principles of constitutional law.”  In seeking to rewrite American history to replace its principles of governance, reorder civic relations and portray this country’s past as leaving a racially toxic present, CRT risks souring any appetite for any Sailor to defend the United States.


Read Phillip Keuhlen’s essay here


Yet Another Scandal at West Point? 

You Be the Judge  (Part 2) 


By William F. Prince, Col, USA (Ret), USMA ‘70 


     The editors of the STARRS newsletter have graciously allowed me to divide the results of my investigation into the training of West Point cadets in Critical Race Theory (CRT) into two parts.  The STARRS editors asked me to structure both parts as more or less stand alone documents.  Thus, the following contains at least some of the introductory remarks I made in Part 1 which appeared in STARRS Newsletter Edition 11.

     Permit me to provide a bit of my personal background as bona fides for stating as my fixed opinion that CRT, if allowed to fully infect our military, will have a devastating impact on troop morale and unit cohesion.  I served in Vietnam with both Ranger and Special Forces units, a two year tour in El Salvador during the war there, was decorated for “extraordinary heroism” during operations in Somalia, and finished up with 11 deployments between Iraq and Afghanistan.  I also have a master’s degree from Harvard so I am rather familiar with “progressive” political theories. 

     Given the CRT threat to our military, I thought it worthwhile to investigate CRT at West Point.  Having spent a fair amount of time in Vietnam, I watched with a mixture of heartbreak and outrage our humiliating departure from Saigon.  It was impossible to miss the parallels during the debacle in Afghanistan.  That only reinforced my belief that West Point should put politics and currently trendy theories aside to ensure that the Army’s future leaders are as well prepared as possible to go into harm’s way.

     As I noted in Part 1, I had hoped to get most of the information for this investigation directly from West Point officials.  Regrettably, the West Point administration provided no assistance to me in this endeavor, despite my repeated requests, previously detailed in Part 1.  As I noted in my second request to West Point’s Public Affairs Office, their lack of response would only fuel charges that the West Point administration was trying to cover-up a series of questionable decisions.  The West Point Association of Graduates (AOG) provided some assistance and for that I am grateful.  The following picks up where Part 1 left off, on the issues I felt were important to my investigation. 

     A key point of controversy has been reports of lecture slides titled, “White Power at West Point” and “Racist Dog Whistles at West Point.”   Responding to these charges, West Point Superintendent LTG Darryl A. Williams advised that “These slides were a part of a mandatory social media training session conducted by our Public Affairs Office…”  Further, “This training was conducted to give cadets a broad understanding of the social media landscape and allow cadets a glimpse into how various social media posts may be interpreted.”  Whew!  This response definitely stretches credulity to the limit.  Could not the PAO have found two other far less inflammatory phrases exemplifying the “social media landscape” for cadets?

     On 23 and 24 Sep 2020, LTG Williams conducted the 4th Honorable Living Day, which centered on eradicating racism, especially “hidden aspects of racism and cognitive bias.”  Reportedly white police officers were described as “murderers” during this stand-down.  LTG Williams has denied this accusation, allowing only that a cadet described how his father was beaten to death by (white?) police officers when he was six years old.  LTG Williams provided no additional details on why, for example, police might have taken the action.  It is unclear if the cadet provided any context for his father’s death.

     LTG Williams has stated that only one elective course at the Academy, SS392 – “The Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality,” includes Critical Race Theory in its syllabus.  Reportedly, the required textbook list includes: Richard Delgado’s Critical Race Theory: An Introduction, Susan Ferguson’s Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Class: Dimensions of Inequality and Identity, and Nikki Sullivan’s  A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory.  (Author’s comment:  “Queer Theory” – really?  Given the Afghanistan debacle, perhaps that time could be better spent teaching future Army officers how to fight wars.)

     West Point officials did not respond to my questions on when this course was first added to the curriculum and who teaches it.  A 28 July 2021 article in the far-left publication Slate stated that this class was incorporated into the curriculum in 1999.  West Point’s Course Catalog confirms that Dr. Rachel Yon, the Executive Officer of West Point’s Counter Terrorism Center, teaches the course.

Perhaps of note, but to be taken with a healthy degree of caution, a military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, has said that leftist courses were instituted during the tenure of BG Cindy Jebb, appointed West Point’s Academic Dean in June 2016, according to her Wikipedia article, “by President Obama.”  In a 25 Aug 2016 interview upon assuming the position of Academic Dean, BG Jebb advised that one of her priorities would be “…incorporating diversity and inclusivity into the culture of West Point.”  Seems like she followed through on that goal.

     In October 2017, LTC (Ret.) Robert M. Heffington wrote a scathing open letter regarding a deterioration in standards at West Point.  LTC Heffington is a West Point graduate, class of 1997, and had served two tours as an instructor at West Point (2006-2009) and (2013-2017).  Of note for this investigation, LTC Heffington wrote, “The plebe American History course has been revamped to focus completely on race and on the narrative that America is founded solely on a history of racial oppression.  Cadets derisively call it the ‘I Hate America Course.’  Simultaneously, the plebe International History course now focuses on gender to the exclusion of many other important themes.”  Interestingly, then COL Jebb was head of the Social Sciences Department for approximately four years prior to assuming the position of Academic Dean.  The History Department would have been under her purview during LTC Heffington’s second tour at West Point.  

     On 03 Feb 2021, newly confirmed Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin mandated that within 60 days all subordinate elements in the DoD must schedule a “stand-down” to combat “extremism in the U.S. military.”  West Point officials did not respond to my queries on when West Point conducted this stand-down and what specific topics were covered.  However, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) published a memo dated 27 Mar 2021 entitled “Extremism and Insider Threat in the DoD” which highlighted the threat from “Patriot Extremism.”     In addition, the memo conflated what it termed Christian extremism with white supremacy.  (Christianity was the only religion mentioned in the DARPA publication.)  An AOG official said he did not know if West Point had used this memo as part of the DoD mandated stand-down.

     On 09 Jun 2021, House Armed Services Committee member Rep. Michael Waltz (FL-6) sent a second letter to LTG Williams regarding the teaching of CRT at West Point.  The Superintendent’s earlier response to questions did not, in Rep. Waltz’s view, provide sufficient substantive details.  As of the drafting of this article, I could find no evidence that the Superintendent responded to Rep. Waltz’s second request for information.

     On 26 July 2021, Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the Department of Defense for the Academy’s failure to respond to the Freedom of Information (FOIA) query made by Judicial Watch on 06 Apr 2021, which had requested details of cadet training.  By law, a federal agency has 20 days to respond to a FOIA request.  If the federal agency believes there to be extenuating circumstances which would delay a full response, then the agency must note those circumstances and provide a timeframe for responding. 

     West Point confirmed receipt of the FOIA request on 26 Apr 2021 and assigned tracking number FP-21-016151.  At that point, West Point began stonewalling – refusing to respond to the FOIA request.  At my request, an official at the Association of Graduates queried West Point’s Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) office regarding the lawsuit.  In response the SJA stated it had no comment, due to the ongoing litigation.

     In summary, while it seems inconceivable that West Point would boldly ignore appeals for information from a member of the House Armed Services Committee, even more alarming is West Point’s apparent violation of the law in stonewalling the FOIA request.  Many believe that the West Point administration has buckled under political pressure from the Biden administration; deciding that currying favor with the current administration and pushing their “progressive” (dare we say “woke”) agenda is more important than troop morale and unit cohesion in the Army.  If so - Shame!!!

Boots On The Ground Perspectives

     Hannah MacDonald, center, one of three cadet women who resigned recently from USMA over the DoD Vaccine Mandate:


“I wasn’t just resisting an injection. I was resisting a kingdom that glorifies ignorance, submission and unethical behavior. Frankly, I was just very upset with the trajectory of our government right now, and realizing they didn’t want me to lay down my life for my brothers and sisters, but for a political agenda.”

CRT in the Community

Boy Scouts Announce New

Critical Race Theory Requirement


By Spencer Lindquist


     At the beginning of this month, the Boy Scouts of America announced a new merit badge entitled “Citizenship in Society,” that will become a required merit badge for those pursuing the rank of Eagle Scout in July 2022 (Note:  Attaining the rank of Eagle Scout is viewed with great favor by academy candidate appointment boards).  While Citizenship in The World, Citizenship in The Nation, and Citizenship in The Community are already required merit badges, the Citizenship in Society merit badge was developed by BSA’s Office of Diversity and Youth Development Office” to “encourage Scouts to explore important topics around diversity, equity, and inclusion.”  At a surface glance, the merit badge may not appear particularly controversial, despite using the rebranded language of Critical Race Theory. One of the requirements simply implores Scouts to “Consider ethical decision making.” Another tells them to discuss “what you can personally do to create a welcoming environment in your Scouting unit.”  There’s a notable lack of conversation about race, gender, white privilege, oppression, or any of the Critical Race Theory buzzwords, and that might feel refreshing, but... 


...read further why there may be a divisive theme behind this movement.

Arizona School Board President Accused of Keeping 'Dossier' on Parents 


     Scottsdale, AZ School Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg kept a secret dossier on parents opposed to district policies regarding CRT and mask mandates, according to a link he accidentally sent to a parent.  Information in this link included Social Security numbers, financial info, and even divorce records.  Additionally, a private investigator ran background checks and filmed parents.


Click to read article

The Academic Field of Critical Race Theory Fails To Understand the History of Race


By Alan J. Levine


      Critical race theorists are unable to deal with the actual historical development of racial ideas.  The entire “scholarly field” of Critical Race Theory (CRT) is rather reminiscent of the old scholarly joke, “The inaccuracies must have required tremendous research.”  Or, perhaps, none at all?

     Over the last 30 years, and especially since the spring of 2020, CRT and its accompanying obsessions with “whiteness” and “white privilege” has almost overwhelmed discussion about race and racism in Western society.

     CRT espouses that “racism is engrained in the fabric and system of … American society,” according to UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs.  Anyone who disputes CRT theory is painted as a racist; a particular evil is, amazingly, so-called color-blind racism, or the contention by whites that they don’t judge people according to race, which is a particular target of Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s book Racism without Racists.  Anything deemed critical of the culture or attitudes of minorities is deemed “cultural racism.”

     Curiously, the decline of racial prejudice since the 19th century is sometimes belittled and is rarely properly treated.  It also suffers, probably for political reasons, from telescoping, so that, again, a long process is squeezed into a short one and pictured as starting later than it did.  The decline of racial ideas seems to have started in the 1890s and, though slow, was already noticeable by World War I, especially in the anthropological profession and among liberals and socialists.  In the interwar period the decline of racial prejudice accelerated and still more so after World War II.  Despite this, the postwar period is sometimes portrayed dishonestly as the beginning, rather than the decline, of racial prejudice.


Read more here:

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