Coast Guard and Air Force Academies’ Recent Actions Against the Unvaccinated Discussed on Ark Midnight’s The Intelligence Briefing

On 24 Sep, Vice Admiral William “Dean” Lee, USCG (Ret), and Dr Sandy Miarecki, Lt Col, USAF (Ret), were interviewed on the Ark Midnight, The Intelligence Briefing.

During hour two of the show, John B Wells interviews Vice Admiral Lee. They focus on the recent discharges of the seven USCG Academy cadets and his efforts to engage with the commandant to convince her to treat the cadets the way the other service academies are treating those who requested COVID-19 vaccine religious exemptions while the legal cases continue to work their way through the courts. Admiral Lee points out that the actions the USCGA took against the cadets were contrary to the current focus on diversity, inclusion and equity.

In hour three, John B Wells continues his interview with Admiral Lee who points out that senior military officers need to be willing to put their stars on the table and stand up to political leaders for the sake of the military services and the country. Starting at the 24:00 point, John moves on to interviewing Dr Miarecki who was recently relieved of her duties at the USAFA Prep School after her request for a COVID-19 vaccine religious exemption was denied and for helping cadets submit exemption requests.

To listen to the segments click the link below, click the block under the AUDIO banner, click the down arrow, select the second segment, click ^ and forward to the 24:20 point. Once the hour two recording ends, hour three should start.

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Breaking News: Seven USCGA Cadets Discharged!

Six of the Seven Discharged USCGA Cadets

Seven USCGA Cadets Were Officially Discharged 23 Sep, Over a Month After Their Religious Accommodation Requests and Appeals From Taking The COVID-19 Vaccines Were Denied and They Were Kicked Off Base

As reported in the 22 Sep edition of the STARRS newsletter, seven US Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) cadets have been in limbo since 19 Aug after their appeals regarding the denials of their religious accommodation requests were denied and they were ordered leave base within 24 hours.  

According to Mr. Mike Rose, STARRS General Council and pro-bono legal representative for the USCGA cadets, the cadets received phone calls on 23 Sep officially informing them that they were going to be discharged from the Coast Guard. They received their DD Forms 214 later in the day. One of them forwarded hers to Mr. Rose. According to her form, she received an honorable discharge.

Mr. Rose reported “The discharges with less than one day notice cuts off 100 percent of their income, including for two of the cadets who are homeless. Additionally, they had to put their transportation, food and lodging costs on their personal credit cards (NOT government credit cards) when they were forced to leave the USCGA.” As far as STARRS knows, they have yet to be reimbursed.

Please refer to STARRS’ previous press release and an article in the Daily Wire for more information regarding what has been happening to the cadets, specifics about their individual situations, and how the Coast Guard is disregarding federal legal injunctions preventing adverse actions against service members from the Air Force, Navy and Marines for not taking the vaccine. Of major concern is that the Coast Guard took this action before Coast Guard related on-going legal proceedings have been fully litigated. USCG leadership is also ignoring a 2 June letter from the Department of Defense Inspector General informing the Secretary of Defense that the DoD’s denials of religious accommodations requests, punishments and discharges of service members for not taking the COVID vaccine were in “potential noncompliance” with law. Granted the Coast Guard falls under the Department of Homeland Security, but it would be reasonable for other federal agencies to consider this warning and wait for final resolution of legal proceedings before taking drastic adverse action. Not to mention that President Biden declared the pandemic over five days before their discharges. 

Unvaccinated cadets and midshipmen at the other military academies have been allowed to continue classes and training along with their peers while awaiting final resolution of on-going federal court cases.

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