Four Air Force Academy Senior Cadets Told They Will Not Graduate Two Weeks Before Big Day!

On May 10th, four Cadets First Class (seniors) were ordered to report to the superintendent’s office under the escort of their Air Officer Commanding (AOC) to discuss the status of their requests for religious exemption from taking a COVID vaccine. Representatives from the Judge Advocate and Surgeon General offices were present. The cadets’ Air Force assigned defense attorney attended via teleconference.

For background, appeals the cadets (and 12 other cadets from lower classes) submitted after being denied religious exemptions had been formally denied on March 28th and they had been given five days to start the vaccine process or start the disciplinary and dismissal process. However, their lawyers secured additional time for them to submit medical exemptions and explore other options based on on-going court cases involving other service members in similar situations.

At the meeting, Lt Gen Clark strictly and candidly informed the cadets they had until August 2nd to decide whether or not to take the vaccine before the formal disciplinary process would begin, including the following actions:

– They would not be allowed to graduate (not awarded an academic degree)
– They would not be commissioned
– The superintendent would recommend they be required to pay $160-200K for their academy education (recoupment)
– They would be issued a letter of reprimand to document their refusal to take the vaccine as supporting documentation for discharge and recoupment actions
– They would not receive pay between now and the August 2nd deadline
– They would not be allowed to get a job unless approved by the academy

They were further informed that even if they started the vaccine process right away, they would not be allowed to participate in graduation activities. Rather they could not graduate until they completed the full vaccine regiment.

One cadet asked why they were being punished for their strongly held religious beliefs and exercising their first amendment rights.

Lt Gen Clark replied that they were not being punished. Rather, their religious beliefs were not compatible with the Air Force’s mission, including keeping the force safe and ready, and upholding good morale and discipline.

Similar actions were taken against a senior midshipman from the Merchant Marine Academy who refused to take the vaccine after his exemption appeal was denied. He was recently discharged without an academic degree. He is now working with another school to transfer his credits in hopes they will award the degree.

Sixteen West Point cadets and a Naval Academy midshipman trying to commission into the Space Force  are all in a similar position. 

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Lt Gen Bishop interview on TNT_Radio.Live, 4 May 2022

Lt Gen Bishop was interviewed on The Jim Breslow Show on TNT_Radio.Live on 4 May regarding the situation at US service academies.

STARRS concentrates on the three major academies, but also maintains awareness of what is going on at the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine academies. Recently, a Merchant Marine senior cadet was disenrolled close to graduation. The discussion includes why STARRS is open to all Americans, not just military retirees. STARRS strives to inform the young Americans, especially those who have dedicated their life to the defense of our country and way of life, exactly why and how this country was founded. The Marxist ideologies creeping into the fabric of service academy programs devalue our country, values, and individual freedom. Lt Gen Bishop encourages leaders to listen to the people they are leading to see how the message and culture of this leftist ideology is divisive.

The discussion includes biased “anti-extremist” training that was mandated for all service members and what a speaker (George Takei) said in a mandatory leadership training presentation, and in his book that was issued to every USAFA cadet. The present environment seems to have started with a congressional mandated 2009 investigative committee across DOD; and officially with President Obama’s signed executive order August 18, 2011, mandating Diversity and Inclusion throughout the federal workforce. The Army and Naval academies have found similar untoward challenges at their academies. The active definitions of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion were presented, and the impact on military effectiveness of was discussed. Apparently, meritocracy is no longer the primary factor in the military leader selection criteria. Finally, they briefly discuss how numerous USAFA and West Point cadets have been denied religious exemptions from vaccine mandates.

Listen to the interview: 

Information Operations, Episode 115, STARRS Leadership Discuss Radical Vaccine Mandates At Service Academies, Pending Discharges, And How To Help!”

L. Todd Wood interviews STARRS President, Lt Gen Rod Bishop (Ret), Dr Scott Sturman, and attorney Mike Rose about the history and reasons behind the military’s vaccine mandates and the facts that led the STARRS Board of Directors to decide the mandate, and how its being enforced, is radical.  A major point Dr Sturman makes is that there is still a lot we don’t know about the long term impacts of the vaccines, especially for the young and pregnant women.  Since the risk of serious complications due to COVID infections in youth and young adults is almost non-existent, why should they be forced to take the emergency use authorized (EUA) vaccines?  Note: the military is only using EUA versions since neither of the fully approved versions are available in the US.  He also points out that we now know the vaccines enter the central nervous system and brain; something that was not known when the EUAs were granted.  They also discuss the status of legal actions in support of cadets facing discharge due to sincere religious beliefs, what STARRS is doing to help them, and how you can help!

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Firebrand with Rep Matt Gaetz, Biden’s Military Purge

Twitter @RepMattGaetz, Apr 28, 2022

Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) alleges that the military is using the vaccine mandate to purge the military of those with independent thought and the religious faithful.  He interviews three active duty service members that are caught up in the in the debacle.  They tell their stories about how the mandates have affected their ability to serve and what they now think about military service.  After the introduction, there is an initial discussion about illegal entry across the southern border with the Secretary of Homeland Security.  The interview with the two active duty Airmen and an Army doctor who was suspended from medical duties for granting medical exemptions from the vaccine, starts at around 13:50.

One service member points out that from a readiness perspective, the vaccine mandate is far worse than the impact of COVID itself – 95 service members have died from COVID, while over 3200 have been discharged for not taking the vaccine, with many more cases pending.  Additionally, how many service members have died from the side effects of the vaccines – this information is not being investigated let alone disclosed.  An AF captain describes an incident where a security forces airman was encouraged by her chain of command not to appeal the denial of her religious exemption request, but instead apply for voluntary separation.  They told her that if she did so, she would likely get an honorable discharge.  Then, those same command individuals denied her request for voluntarily separation, subjected her to numerous adverse actions, including an Article 15 which she signed under threat of jail time.  Ultimately she was discharged under a general discharge with a misconduct characterization.  Her “crime?” – not getting the COVID vaccine.  Several other injustices are discussed.  All three service members believe there is a purge of religious service members going on.

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Americans Want Merit-Based Admissions

Poll Respondents Say Academic Achievement Matters More Than Race
By The Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal, April 28, 2022

Progressives and the far left are loud about their radical opinions, but the loudest voices do not necessarily represent the beliefs of the majority of Americans.  The results of a new Pew Research Center poll show what factor respondents believe should weigh the greatest when it comes to admission to academic institutions – academic accomplishment!  In fact 75 percent said race and ethnicity should not be factors.  Clearly, Americans want equality of opportunity, not government-imposed “equity” of results.

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